1. Dark Knight avatar

    On Oct 23, Dark Knight said:

    For a band starting out (Bulletproof, check me out on facebook, djwaa emge) what should i do to make progress in writing songs, and building audiences? Im the only one in the band so far, i play guitar, but cant sing at the same time, one track minded, i write my own music, how do i find other people who want to join?

  2. pamela martin avatar

    On Oct 22, pamela martin said:

    Okay while I meant what I said below, I would be on the first plane out if I could get invite to this concert. My daughter would probably drop dead from pure bliss if she got to see p roach live and I'm gonna keep fighting to make that happen for her. Not that I want her dead, but quite frankly, if you gotta go, what a way to go. I'll keep checking p roach schedule so I'll know when I can surprise her with tickets when you come back through texas. Any chance someone knows when that may be?

  3. pamela martin avatar

    On Oct 22, pamela martin said:

    No luck with message to attend concert. Maybe next time! Just wanted to say to Jacoby that we love you, we love your music, and we are so glad that you pulled through surgery okay. My guess is that from this point forward you guys will be bigger and better than ever! Glad to hear you and your wife patched things up too. It takes two to mess it up and it takes two to patch it up so congrats on that. And for the rest of the band, we love all of you too. We may be from Texas but we know hot guys when we see em. Rock on!

  4. Smashish avatar

    On Oct 21, Smashish said:

    I got an email yesterday about you tube concert.. Did i really win? I have a 8 hour drive.. Want to make sure.. Please help

  5. Proach avatar

    On Oct 21, Proach said:

    seriously? Anyone from Europe can't watch it???

  6. Jeroldo529 avatar

    On Oct 20, Jeroldo529 said:

    I got an email today saying I'm on the guest list hope its legitimate. I would hate to drive to San Bruno and have it not be.

  7. DimebagWuest avatar

    On Oct 20, DimebagWuest said:

    anybody get notified about this concert yet? i got a email early this morning saying i was put on the guest list and want to know if its legit or not..please help...

  8. pamela martin avatar

    On Oct 19, pamela martin said:

    Major p roach fan! While I enjoyed the uproar festival, the one thing I was most excited about was surprising my daughter with front row for papa roach. First saw p roach on 10/22/11 in Dallas and I was floored. I knew the music, but the men behind the music are what had me mesmerized. This band kicks ass when it comes to stage presence, not to mention their all freaking gorgeous. So...having said that, I've signed up so my daughter and I can watch concert from you tube and praying it won't be long before you come back through so I can make my daughter's dream of meeting this band come true. Its all she lives for.

  9. Caroline Foodlady avatar

    On Oct 16, Caroline Foodlady said:

    I only live 8 miles from there!

  10. trina avatar

    On Oct 16, trina said:

    After last Sunday night this would be the icing on the cake!!!

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