Upcoming VIPs! (UPDATE)

  1. paparorster227 avatar

    On Apr 22, paparorster227 said:

    if i had the money i would b at ever concert to front row papa roachhhhhhhh

  2. paparorster227 avatar

    On Apr 22, paparorster227 said:

    jocoby come back to nj n rock sayerville starland ball room bro i was front row i still have a head ache wen u head butted wen u came off stage n was sghing had enouf that concert rocked please come back to nj new jersey

  3. ~~~twistedlover~~~ avatar

    On Apr 16, ~~~twistedlover~~~ said:

    im going to be at every consert in the u.s

  4. Katie87 avatar

    On Apr 16, Katie87 said:

    @ PRLUV.. If you truly love them, you will DRIVE to Grand Rapids! The trip might be 2+ hours, but it's a labor of love! lol

  5. PRLUV avatar

    On Apr 16, PRLUV said:

    WTF???? Only Grand Rapids in MI...You have to come to Detroit! You guys were amazing at the Filmore.....I LUV JACOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ROACH666 avatar

    On Apr 14, ROACH666 said:

    You're going everywhere in Europe but France...=(
    Are you gonna add more tour dates???????????

  7. geo39 avatar

    On Apr 14, geo39 said:

    The Sherman Theater....Stroudsburg, Pa.....Apr 22nd!!!!
    Can't Wait!!!!! My friend's band, A Crucifying Feeling, will be opening the show. Please come early & bring the love!!!!

  8. Jaime Neto avatar

    On Apr 13, Jaime Neto said:

    papa roach = my life

  9. tecle avatar

    On Apr 13, tecle said:

    Do you like papa roach ???????

  10. Gaby iZ alivE anD oUt of cOntroL foR P-ROACH!! avatar

    Have you ever think on offer a concerto on Mexico (:??

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