New Clip

What's up ya'll! we just recently had a photoshoot, here is a little clip... enjoy (CLICK HERE)

  1. ellisd24 avatar

    On May 06, ellisd24 said:

    I saw papa roach last night and my voice is gone, but it was worth it!! u guys are awesome!! love u and please keep comming to dallas tx, i will allways go to c u!!

  2. LorieReed avatar

    On May 04, LorieReed said:

    Saw Papa Roach last night, My voice is gone. It was a awesome concert. Cant wait til the next one.

  3. Lisa loves Jacoby avatar

    On May 01, Lisa loves Jacoby said:

    Hehe, it rocks!
    Can't wait for your next album!

  4. thereskaaaaa avatar

    On Apr 18, thereskaaaaa said:

    can't wait!!!

  5. Shyanneblaze avatar

    On Apr 17, Shyanneblaze said:

    I LOVE IT!! CAN'T wait until May 12th!! San Antonio VIP...My best buddy & I are flyin' up from Albuquerque NM to see ya tear it up!

  6. candiesgurl avatar

    On Apr 16, candiesgurl said:

    Can't wait for Sunday...I'll be there too!! Woohoo!!

  7. Proachalldeway avatar

    On Apr 15, Proachalldeway said:

    luv these guys :)

  8. Vicksken avatar

    On Apr 15, Vicksken said:

    What a way to start your day...

  9. MoinaSkiller avatar

    On Apr 15, MoinaSkiller said:

    DuDe !! MeTamorphoSis Is AWSOM !!! HAD ENOUGH ,,,, NIGHTS OF LOVE etc.... IS awsOm !! Jacoby I lov U !! U're Awsome !

  10. Vincent. avatar

    On Apr 13, Vincent. said:

    :D coool. cant wait for new album. so sure u guys will kick more ass then ever

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