VIP Times

Hey Everyone,

As of now, all Vip Check-In times will be at 2:30pm unless otherwise posted with the exception of Sayreville, NJ  (3pm)

In the event of a time change we will be posting here on the site so please make sure to check back for all current news. 

  1. pyromrs avatar

    On Apr 22, pyromrs said:

    SO.. I got an email about more VIP's available. WHEN????

  2. AlanaRoxUrWorld avatar

    On Apr 19, AlanaRoxUrWorld said:

    when and how do I see my pic with the band?

  3. LuVh8TrAgEdY avatar

    On Apr 17, LuVh8TrAgEdY said:

    any reason that Sayreville is still 3pm? Just curious...

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