Papa Roach Announces Tour w/ Stone Sour in 2013!

Dec 05 by User 38 Comments

  1. PRoachLuv4Ever avatar

    On Jan 25, PRoachLuv4Ever said:

    OMG I can not wait for Feb 7 to get here!!! I saw you guys in Houston at the Weenie Roast in 2011 and you where A-Mazing "Best concert I'v EVER been to"! Me and my friends are going to drive the 4 hours away to see you in Corpus Christi because we can't wait anymore for you to come back to Houston!! This video just got me even more excited about the trip!!!

  2. Megautry avatar

    On Dec 30, Megautry said:

    Ok, why on some site I see a tour date for Feb 12 in Tempe, AZ but I can't find it on this site or any place else? Are you guys coming to Arizona at all??? I need to see you! I went to the Uproar Festival in hopes to see you but you cancelled. So please come to Arizona!

  3. tori0953 avatar

    On Dec 10, tori0953 said:

    Tulsa, okla City, Eufaula, or even Henryetta OKLAHOMA WOULD BE GREAT!!!! You guys always come around MAY, and that is perfect, because my birthday is Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) GREAT gift EVER! But you think you could possibly come to Oklahoma a few times out of the year? tonz of people Love you here!!!!! -Tori R. (o_O)

  4. CRaNgEl55 avatar

    On Dec 10, CRaNgEl55 said:

    Yes! Can't wait. Amarillo is gonna go hard on the first!!!!!!

  5. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar
  6. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar

    On Dec 10, Jacoby Adam Bennington said:

    I'm watching you guys videos on Youtube of 'Getting Away with Murder', and noticed you didn't have the two star tattoos on your face.

  7. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar

    On Dec 10, Jacoby Adam Bennington said:

    I can't wait, you guys are totally awesome!

  8. The_Connection_daniel avatar

    On Dec 09, The_Connection_daniel said:

    WOW u cant come to Cincinnati :(

  9. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On Dec 09, Jacqueline87 said:

    What about us UK fans?

  10. astrosprincess10 avatar

    On Dec 08, astrosprincess10 said:

    Does anyone know when the VIP tickets go on sale for the US dates?

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