Show Cancellations

The Papa Roach shows in Stroudsburg, PA and Jacksonville, NC have been cancelled due to artist illness. Stay tuned to for more details.

All VIP upgrades purchased for these events will be automatically be refunded in full. Please email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your VIP refunds.

  1. Nicole Lagos avatar

    On Apr 28, Nicole Lagos said:

    doh! who's sick? anyway, I hope u get well soon. :)

  2. Risa7777 avatar

    On Apr 27, Risa7777 said:

    Get Well Soon !

  3. Lisa loves Jacoby avatar

    On Apr 27, Lisa loves Jacoby said:

    That's a pitty for your fans there!
    Get well soon! All your fans want you to get well soon! (:
    Hope it isn't something serious!

  4. deann_marshall avatar

    On Apr 26, deann_marshall said:

    Hope your getting pleanty of TLC guys! Get well soon!

  5. Jackie avatar

    On Apr 26, Jackie said:

    Hope everyone is well kick some ass guys! You guys rocked in Lancaster and were all sooooo nice! Though I would say that Tobin may have looked a little under the weather when I met you.

  6. crazylegs81 avatar

    On Apr 26, crazylegs81 said:

    I saw him the other night he looked shot. Get some sleep fucker lol

  7. tried2hard avatar

    On Apr 25, tried2hard said:

    Im sorry to hear that youre sick! I am however happy as hell i got to see you last night. Who ever wasnt there last night....sux to be you!!!!

  8. darkraptor08 avatar

    On Apr 25, darkraptor08 said:

    HOly smokes i was gonna go to that concert too! :( in NC but i hope Jacoby gets better!

  9. Papa Roach Geezer avatar

    On Apr 25, Papa Roach Geezer said:

    how could you fucking cancel a show becoz of an illness.
    that is so fucking pafetic

  10. jamie lee avatar

    On Apr 24, jamie lee said:

    feel better guys

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