Kick in The Teeth Teaser Video

The video will be out soon! Stay tuned to for video info.

  1. Rockhead1697 avatar

    On Jun 14, Rockhead1697 said:

    Songs kicks ass but it sounds different...that was unexpected. Stll awesome though!

  2. kaeru_roach avatar

    On Jun 14, kaeru_roach said:

    ^^ the song is awesome
    thank's a lot

  3. Sarah.Slaughter avatar

    On Jun 12, Sarah.Slaughter said:

    omg!!!! cant frekn wait!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lucky7 avatar

    On Jun 12, Lucky7 said:

    This song kicks ass! Love it, spread it around to your friends!

  5. Leonardo0 avatar

    On Jun 12, Leonardo0 said:

    can't stop listen to it... the best

  6. rach82 avatar

    On Jun 12, rach82 said:

    Love the new song....can't wait until August!!!!!

  7. SuzieV avatar

    On Jun 12, SuzieV said:

    It sounds different! Didn't expect that but it's great anyway

  8. mckrig94 avatar

    On Jun 11, mckrig94 said:

    i like it, it's kinda a different sound though. didn't really expect that.

  9. Nadne avatar

    On Jun 11, Nadne said:

    It's a good song! but I like more the style of the song of paramore sesions..

  10. jenbegle avatar

    On Jun 11, jenbegle said:

    Love the new song!! It's stuck in my na na na na na.

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