Venue Change!

Jun 17 by matt 7 Comments

Duluth, MN tonight! Please note that the venue has changed... See you there!

Clyde Ironworks 
2920 West Michigan St
Duluth, MN 55806

  1. slb avatar

    On Jun 20, slb said:

    you guys brought it again!!! just got back from the lincoln,ne. show , you guys should have headlined , you blew buckcherry away!!!!! thanks for rocking us out!!! can't wait til next time!!!

  2. Tammy_peace avatar

    On Jun 19, Tammy_peace said:

    Thanks for coming to duluth again!! incredible show! I haven't had so much fun in quite a while..i learned not to wear a button down shirt if u r in a mosh pit. valuable lesson

  3. kdc64 avatar

    On Jun 18, kdc64 said:

    Dude Best concert I have been to in a long time. Thank you so much for coming to Duluth! You all rocked!

  4. xXbrettXx avatar

    On Jun 18, xXbrettXx said:

    wat happened to 10 years? well what ever happened the back up band 3 pill morning rocked and so did chevelle. thanks for coming to duluth u guys rocked

  5. Prorok avatar

    On Jun 18, Prorok said:

    Proach you are th best!!! from Ukraine!))

  6. Dawnn avatar

    On Jun 17, Dawnn said:

    I loved the show! Thanks for rocking it in Duluth, MN. I feel alive again!

  7. Jen_starz08 avatar

    On Jun 17, Jen_starz08 said:

    OMG!! You guys rock!! the show was so awesome!!

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