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A limited number of VIPs are now available for some of the upcoming concerts.

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6/30 - Traverse City, MI
7/20 - Nuremberg
7/21 - Luxembourg
7/24 - Ravenna
8/02 - Amsterdam
8/04 - Tilburg
8/09 - Zurich
8/10 - Wiesbaden
8/11 - Munich

  1. coby's lil' FUCKER avatar

    On Jul 28, coby's lil' FUCKER said:

    went to the military concert at wiesbaden!! it was amazing

  2. maddylolly avatar

    On Jul 23, maddylolly said:

    Great concert in luxembourg !!! I VERY LOVE PAPA ROACH, Congratulation to all the members of the group !!! YOU MAKE ME DREAM !!! I would make everything to see you playing in California one day !

  3. ENSLAVED avatar

    On Jul 21, ENSLAVED said:

    Please come to sweden


  4. tator avatar

    On Jul 17, tator said:

    I would come to europe and see the roach but i have know clue how to get around in europe solo.

  5. paparoach \m/ \m/ avatar

    On Jul 12, paparoach \m/ \m/ said:

    came to north america

  6. izzymv avatar

    On Jul 10, izzymv said:

    pleeeeease come to sweden !!!

  7. henrya avatar

    On Jul 07, henrya said:

    Please come to Sweden!

  8. csime217 avatar

    On Jul 06, csime217 said:

    Papa Roach NEED to come back to Glasgow!!!!

  9. Jackie-Bon avatar

    On Jul 01, Jackie-Bon said:

    We really need you guys here in Denmark !!

  10. naiomivixen avatar

    On Jun 30, naiomivixen said:

    OK BOYS...........WHAT the hell has happened to ''UK'' V.I.P at Sonisphere how much this sucks :) Though i have spent my whole savings this year on Sonisphere V.I.P tickets i think you should get your backsides down to the V.I.P Rock Royalty and find us! ;) 4 weeks and counting!!!

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