Papa Roach 'Time for Annihilation' Album Preview

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For Papa Roach, diversity has been the name of the game, topping the charts at the beginning of the decade with 'Last Resort' -- a song everyone knows the words to, no matter if you like it or not. The California foursome never settled into the niche of a hit by trying to recreate the song over and over; they evolved.

"It's the best of both worlds," frontman Jacoby Shaddix said while describing 'Time for Annihilation ... on the Record and on the Road,' which is the band's first album since leaving a major label umbrella.

Rather than go full force with a record of all new material for their seventh full length, 'Time for Annihilation' boast five new songs intertwined with nine live cuts highlighting the band's ever-changing catalog.

Beyond the captured live songs and the new material, the album closes with a personal message from Shaddix encouraging fans to text-donate to WhyHunger, an organization the band has long supported, to help bring food and aid to those in poverty.

  1. KevietRoach avatar

    On Nov 10, KevietRoach said:

    I still love this band!
    I'm buying all their albums, even have bought this one.
    Would be crazy if i didn't! :D.

  2. Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 avatar

    On Aug 07, Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 said:

    Awesome! I cant wait for the new CD to come out! I am soo getting it!

  3. Adrian K. avatar

    On Aug 03, Adrian K. said:

    o...m..g!! *cry* >__

  4. papa_roach_rocks666 avatar

    On Jul 29, papa_roach_rocks666 said:

    i can't wait to hear this album!!!!!!!
    i love the ending (: haha

  5. leoxliberty avatar

    On Jul 29, leoxliberty said:

    Can't wait for "No matter what"... I will love the other songs, too.. but I love how emotional "no matter what" sounds in this preview!

  6. markk avatar

    On Jul 28, markk said:

    hhh nice =D

  7. BeFree2247 avatar

    On Jul 27, BeFree2247 said:

    Annihilation is spelled wrong on home page on right hand side :(

  8. UndeadRoach avatar

    On Jul 27, UndeadRoach said:


  9. Flower avatar

    On Jul 27, Flower said:

    PRoach rocks! I hope this album comes out on time in Mexico
    The boys are the best ...
    nothing more to say ... than VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!

    GREETINGS FROM MEXICO!!!!! by: ┬░FLoWer┬░

  10. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Jul 27, atl_dreamer said:

    that will be a great album!
    what da hell jacoby dooing at the end of the Video XD

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