New Tour Dates Added

Be sure to check out the TOUR section of the site to see some newly added concert dates in Europe and the US!

  1. Ally687 avatar

    On Nov 06, Ally687 said:

    come back to WOODSTOCK 2011!! I really hope you're gonna be there;)

  2. 2Shy2BeSeen avatar

    On Aug 21, 2Shy2BeSeen said:

    come back to Sheffield in England!!! was AMAZING last year!!!!

  3. PRgirl avatar

    On Aug 15, PRgirl said:

    PLEASE come back to NY, PA, NJ or CT - I haven't seen ya since April 2010 and I'm going through withdrawals ~ love ya!!!

  4. ladyjane avatar

    On Aug 13, ladyjane said:


  5. Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 avatar

    On Aug 10, Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 said:

    You guys need to come back to St. Louis Missouri!

  6. Inês Pereira avatar

    On Aug 08, Inês Pereira said:

    you guys should come to Portugal (: you have many many fans waiting for you!

  7. icroller avatar

    On Aug 08, icroller said:

    Baltimore/DC PlEASE come back!!!

  8. *Dolores* avatar

    On Aug 06, *Dolores* said:

    Bakersfield, Cali COME BACK!!!!

  9. ava_music_love avatar

    On Aug 04, ava_music_love said:

    come back to Nebraska!!!!! Grand Island needs another dose of Papa Roach!!!! i would die to see you guys in concert!!!trust me you wont be disappointed we maybe seem like a quiet town but we can ROCK!!!

  10. Spigel avatar

    On Aug 03, Spigel said:

    What about Russia? We believe in your promise and are still waiting for Papa ROACH in Moscow! Let`s rock this place!

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