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  1. Letishaj90 avatar

    On Jul 26, Letishaj90 said:

    Jacoby u have the most amazing voice i have ever heard totally honest i have to be listening to u to fall asleep your eyes r hypnotizing im sooooo glad you made it through ur surgery ur a fighter too i think that just made u a stronger person being out on stage again must be the best feeling in the world thats were u r meant to be and being sober and clean it makes me proud btw jagger is suchhh a doll!! he looks like his daddy! i wish u would come to utah more often!! ok back in feb 2013 i was attacked my throat closed all the way my air ways everything i was in the hospital for a month and a half couldnt tlk like u had to write everything down got so tiring i had a tube in my throat was in the icu shock treatment and induced in a comma i have pics yuck lol but i kinda know how u feel the not being able to talk i had three emergency surgeries had to have speech therapy etc so i know where ur comin from kinda lol but now i am at HIGH risk of something going wrong like it could be fatal and i dont even know if u will read this but just one wish i have is maybe something auto graphed or just something about you (Not ur wife hehe) or maybe skype once i would die to see you just once i have never been able to afford to go to your concerts cause i have always wanted to get a pass where i could meet you but if possible thats all i ask!! much love ur #1 fan Tisha!!! if u happen to read this im fuckin prayin lol u can contact me here or or or Tisha.Jelitto on skype i just pray u read this!

  2. pamela martin avatar

    On Nov 04, pamela martin said:

    Say look Jacoby! We are all about you and the band becoming a worldwide phenomenon but we stayed up until 2:00 in the morning to get those uproar tickets strictly to give my daughter a chance to be right there while you enchant the audience with your charm. We listen to you every single day and would give anything to see all of you in concert. I've seen you once already but bought the tickets for Godsmack. We love all this music. We're down for Staind, Shinedown, and Godsmack, but to watch p roach perform live would be a memory that would stay etched in my daughter's head for a life time. Its obvious you're wanted everywhere, and although the uproar was awesome, it just wasn't the same without you there. We understand that your health come first and we support that; even watched the videos that made us cry with you, but please find a way to get back to Texas because I promise that the mother typing this to you at this minute will be in that front row with her daughter. We plan to have cameras ready so we can all get shots of her face as you come on stage. Please come back to Texas! You're a hit wherever you go, and everyone is fascinated with you and the band, but we just want that one magical moment. If we were rich, we'd be flying across the country to get that opportunity, but we're gonna have to wait til you come to us.

  3. mateo avatar

    On Sep 18, mateo said:

    guys i'm new to the site and want to know if you papa roach well ever come to pasadena tx please.I forgot something else viva la cucaracha!! :)

  4. mateo avatar

    On Sep 18, mateo said:

    dude my favorite isong is hollywood whore :)

  5. michalis avatar

    On Aug 29, michalis said:

    sorry my favorite song is to be loved

  6. michalis avatar

    On Aug 29, michalis said:

    hi jacoby shaddix you have exelente hairstyle!!!!i listen your musik every day!!!my favorite song is !!!!which is your favorite song?

  7. gus avatar

    On Aug 26, gus said:

    When you guys como to MEXICO:PUEBLA

  8. j_one_ avatar

    On Aug 25, j_one_ said:


  9. Sasame avatar

    On Aug 25, Sasame said:

    Am I late? Ehhh...Maybe U will answer me however.

    So...If next year U will be also offer participation in Woodstock and the Coke Music Festival is an event , which would you choose and why (given that you could decide)

  10. cakko avatar

    On Aug 24, cakko said:

    When you guys will come to Brazil?

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