1. Metro avatar

    On Aug 26, Metro said:

    this is good shit man

  2. Ch4z Skater avatar

    On Aug 20, Ch4z Skater said:

    see venagn a chileĀ°!!!!!!

  3. nolo_roach avatar

    On Aug 18, nolo_roach said:

    vengannn a chile!!!!! todo chile espera ver a roach con anciansas

  4. XxHeartVSMindxX avatar

    On Aug 17, XxHeartVSMindxX said:

    Awesome prizes! Good luck getting them! xD But for real, I hope ya'll get somethin' good! =D

  5. Thalia~ avatar

    On Aug 14, Thalia~ said:

    Good luck to everybody! :)

  6. coby's lil' FUCKER avatar

    On Aug 14, coby's lil' FUCKER said:

    hey hey hey i wana win

  7. *LittleDirty!~ avatar

    On Aug 14, *LittleDirty!~ said:

    Omg! Prizes are super cool !!!

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