Jerry's Motortrend Interview

Ever wonder what Jerry Drives? Check It out by clicking here.

  1. RupertoNZ avatar

    On Aug 31, RupertoNZ said:

    Nice Cars man

  2. Papa Roach Geezer avatar

    On Aug 30, Papa Roach Geezer said:

    Like the viper

  3. Bleedingclaw avatar

    On Aug 29, Bleedingclaw said:

    Dude, Jerry his nice cars!

  4. Swarlos avatar

    On Aug 28, Swarlos said:

    @ Paparoachaddicted yeah they are rich, but that doesn't mean that they are gonna waste their money on any car. They just buy the cars the like, and or love and are smart enough to maintain them and keep them instead of buying new cars all the time. The worst business purchase you can make is a car.

  5. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Aug 28, jsgirl91 said:

    I love the cars!!!

  6. Asdfgh avatar

    On Aug 28, Asdfgh said:

    Wow ! Cool cars ! I love them :D

  7. Paparoachaddicted avatar

    On Aug 28, Paparoachaddicted said:

    lol thought the guys in Papa Roach were rich.. wtf a fcking mini cooper lol and a old shit viper from 2002 haha

  8. blackstarinsky avatar

    On Aug 28, blackstarinsky said:

    mini cooper? oohhh soo cute!:D:D but the other cars...soo sexyXD..

  9. *Steph avatar

    On Aug 27, *Steph said:

    Jerry drives a mini cooper... that's awesome. =)

  10. b med avatar

    On Aug 27, b med said:

    Jerry Very nice Lets race someday The viper guy from Detroit

    See you in Toledo Harold & Beth

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