Some Sad News.

It is with great sadness that we see our long time friend and lead guitar player, Jerry Horton, decide to leave Papa Roach due to  finger numbness from extreme calluses as a result of playing guitar. We wish him the best, and welcome our new guitarist who will be pulling double duty with Lamb of God - Mark Morton.



April Fools. ;)

  1. BiaJuddix avatar

    On May 21, BiaJuddix said:

    God! This was too cruel! HAHAH

  2. Gabbyta avatar

    On May 02, Gabbyta said:

    sooo cruel!!!!! lol

  3. PRisGreat avatar

    On Apr 30, PRisGreat said:

    Oh god!! For a moment I believed

  4. Hurivor avatar

    On Apr 26, Hurivor said:

    NO!!!!!! Not Jerry :'( ... It's the saddest new of the month :'(

  5. Cuervaxx Gonxalex avatar

    On Apr 22, Cuervaxx Gonxalex said:

    UuF! casi me da un infarto... jajajaja locos
    saludos. desde Chile.

  6. VeronicaRIPPER avatar

    On Apr 22, VeronicaRIPPER said:

    ufff mad boys

  7. Johann Lambert avatar

    On Apr 21, Johann Lambert said:

    jajajajajaja I almost shi my pants jajajajaa

  8. PRoach83 avatar

    On Apr 19, PRoach83 said:

    Ahhhhh freaking out!!!! Cruel cruel!! LOL So happy Jerry is still stayin and kickin ass. Good one!!!!



    Oh my god, so happy it was an April Fool's joke. You have no idea how much of a scare that was.

  10. Dead Cellar avatar

    On Apr 15, Dead Cellar said:

    april fools should be banned :P

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