Papa Roach Drum-Off

Papa Roach's performance at last year's Guitar Center Drum-Off has been posted online!  Check them out here:

Last Resort

Time is Running Out


She Loves Me Not

  1. LastRoach avatar

    On Oct 25, LastRoach said:

    All of this song are great that was amazing :)

  2. Elvira avatar

    On Sep 23, Elvira said:

    Woo! It's amazing...

  3. Elvira avatar

    On Sep 23, Elvira said:

    Woo! It's amazing...

  4. Jacoby's Younger Brother (he just doesn't know it) avatar

    I was there, and you guys gave me one of the best nights of my life!

  5. ILovePapaRoach :P avatar

    On Sep 21, ILovePapaRoach :P said:

    That was friggin awesome :P

  6. EvilAngel83 avatar

    On Sep 14, EvilAngel83 said:

    Jacoby my dear, these videos prove you love your fans! Awesome vids...She Loves Me Not is probably my favorite! Poor guy, you can tell you weren't feelin the greatest, you have more drive than I do, cuz if I wasn't feelin well I would be in bed not rockin out on stage! Kudos to you!!! XXOO

  7. Kreyzig avatar

    On Sep 11, Kreyzig said:

    Yeah, last resort is so great !

  8. burning liberty avatar

    On Sep 11, burning liberty said:

    The vids are are sooo fucking great......

  9. Papa Roach Fan 1515 avatar

    On Sep 10, Papa Roach Fan 1515 said:

    haha i was there and i am in the last resort video!!!!
    that show was sickkk i love p roach!!

  10. newklear_rockstar avatar

    On Sep 09, newklear_rockstar said:

    fucking awesome
    i so fuckin love the intro of last resort
    hope the rest of the songs will be posted online too

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