Taste of Chaos Tour

Come check us out on the Rockstar Taste of Chaos along with Disturbed, Buckcherry and Halestorm 15 November-13 December. Tickets are on sale NOW at

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  2. Shitjustgotreal avatar

    On Nov 21, Shitjustgotreal said:

    Saw you guys in Denmark last night! You were epic, as always!

  3. Victor_Papa_Roach avatar

    On Nov 20, Victor_Papa_Roach said:

    Papa Roach comes to Brazil

  4. Victor_Papa_Roach avatar
  5. JunK avatar

    On Nov 20, JunK said:

    1st of December, Düsseldorf, Germany! This is going to be madness! :D

  6. Pia-Charlotte avatar

    On Nov 20, Pia-Charlotte said:

    taste of chaos yesterday in oslo! papa roach rocked!! :-D

  7. domjp91 avatar

    On Nov 18, domjp91 said:

    26th Nov in Switzerland for me :)... WOOP

  8. Meteel avatar

    On Nov 18, Meteel said:

    Please add no matter what to your setlist on the Taste of chaos tour, i want to hear it on saturday in copenhagen:)

  9. crazyrockchic96 avatar

    On Nov 16, crazyrockchic96 said:

    can't wait till 11 december x

  10. metal matt avatar

    On Nov 15, metal matt said:

    where is it going to be at

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