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Multi-platinum rockers Papa Roach have been forced to suspend their series of South American tour dates set to begin on August 7th in San Paulo, Brazil due to lead singer Jacoby Shaddix’s strained vocal chords.   

Shaddix has been battling vocal issues since being diagnosed with a nodule on his left vocal chord in August 2012. At the advice of his physician, he has been put on strict vocal rest. 

In a personal message to their fans, the band apologized for any inconvenience and assured them Shaddix is expected to make a complete recovery.  

The band plans to reschedule the South American dates for next year. 

Tickets will be refunded at point of sale, more information will be released very soon.  

Papa Roach has sold upwards of 10 million albums worldwide, boasts two Grammy nominations, and an MTV VMA nomination. The band has achieved legendary status with repeated chart topping hits over the last decade, specifically: eleven top 10 rock hits, seven top 10 alternative hits, and the claim of the Most Played Alternative Song of the Decade (BDS) with their breakthrough single "Last Resort."

Papa Roach has been on some of the most successful rock tours in recent years, including a co-headlining tour with Stone Sour and performances at major UK festivals such as Download.


Cancelled South American tour dates:

8/7 - Sau Paulo, Brazil - HSBC Arena

8/9 - Curitiba, Brazil - Master Hall

8/12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luna Park

8/14 - Santiago, Chile - Movistar Arena



  1. Icarus avatar

    On Sep 13, Icarus said:

    Get well Jacoby, we wish you all the best on your recovery! Keep rockin!!

  2. cimpleplan avatar

    On Aug 21, cimpleplan said:

    Some of you guys here are really dickheads... I mean C'mon!! this band gives everything of themselfs, they keep trying, they keep rocking... and all you do is shitting on them... oh for crying out loud... be glad they didn't quit... be glad they try P.Roach keeps going.. If you are a TRUE fan, you support your band in every way possible.... So stop crying about it... just wish them the best and hope they won't quit.. cause that would be a loss you can't imagine... PAPA ROACH keep on Rocking!! Keep on going!! You've still got some TRUE fans out there!!!!

  3. lostfan avatar

    On Aug 19, lostfan said:

    did not sell enough? That rare, the same day the tour canceled another tour promoted greater revenue collection. I thought it was all for the rock, I see the little band lost the passion for rock and only interested in money. Where to stay Take my money take my possession take my obsession
    I do not need that shit

  4. krazyk2418 avatar

    On Aug 09, krazyk2418 said:

    You need to keep us fans in the loop guys are you playing the carnival of madness tour or no?

  5. livindeadgirl avatar

    On Aug 07, livindeadgirl said:

    Please take care of yourself Jacoby. Your true fans understand. Feel better soon!

  6. Bruno Gbrl avatar

    On Aug 06, Bruno Gbrl said:

    I hope you feel better soon Coby, is all that matters now, as you said yourself, you're human and not a machine !! Then hopefully next year, at the beginning of it, please ... Come to Sao Paulo and do What do you do best, SHOUT LOUD AND CLEAR for us ... YOUR TRUE FANS!!


  7. Chibimaggot avatar

    On Aug 06, Chibimaggot said:

    I send an facebook inbox to each member of you guys, my name is Juliana,hope you can see it, otherwise I'll post it here.

  8. gCoby avatar

    On Aug 06, gCoby said:

    I still do not believe ...

  9. Carla Rubio avatar

    On Aug 06, Carla Rubio said:

    Still trying to believe it... :(
    Wishing you the best Jacoby!

  10. ZigZagGirl89 avatar

    On Aug 05, ZigZagGirl89 said:

    I know Jacoby will fight through these vocal chord problems. I'll pray for you, Jacoby! #PapaRoachFTW

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