Behind-the-scenes of “Burn”

The behind-the-scenes of “Burn” premiered today on

Check it out HERE

  1. Joline Mercedes avatar

    On Nov 12, Joline Mercedes said:

    I really like watching behind the scenes clips. It shows the real nature of a picture. I am doing some research about films now for my anthropology essays writing project.

  2. AnnoyingDog avatar

    On Apr 23, AnnoyingDog said:


  3. _pezi_shaddix_ avatar

    On May 10, _pezi_shaddix_ said:

    This video rocks :D
    First time I was shocked when I saw them burn.
    But I love this song *-*
    & this baaaand

  4. addierockfan avatar

    On Dec 13, addierockfan said:

    hell yeah (rock)

  5. Manday48 avatar

    On Dec 11, Manday48 said:

    AWESOME!! :D

  6. PabloK avatar

    On Dec 11, PabloK said:

    \m/ Yeaa !

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