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Any orders placed by Jan 28, will receive the free complimentary single, "Kick in the Teeth". All t-shirts in the store are eligible. So get it while it's hot. Please note, this offer is good until Jan. 28, or until supplies run out.

A free single will be placed in every order that includes a t-shirt. Please note, the single is included per order, not per t-shirt. For more information, contact

  1. Christo avatar

    On Jan 26, Christo said:

    I want this T-shirt(((

  2. Lea lynn avatar

    On Jan 23, Lea lynn said:

    is "kick in the teeth" the same as "time for annihilation'"? like does it hav the same songs on it?

  3. Lea lynn avatar

    On Jan 23, Lea lynn said:

    is "kick in the teeth" the same as "time for annihilation"? like does it hav the same songs?

  4. Erez avatar

    On Jan 16, Erez said:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I bought the CD "Papa roach - Time for annihilation" and at the back of the CD I had a password that written that I could enter it to this website ( and then I could get an item. I did those instructions, but when I wanted to pay by my PayPal it didn't worked. I told you about this problem and you maybe fix it but my account was deleted and now I can't use my password on the CD because I have already used it, and you deleted my item so I can't order it.
    I'm asking you to get back this item to my account so I could order it. This is an exclusive item so I can't add it from the sore, but just from the password in the CD.
    I look forward to hear from you.
    Thank You,

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