Top 5 Fridays!

We’re starting a new weekly feature where every Friday a different member of the band will post a new top 5 list on a variety of topics.  Enjoy!

  1. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Jun 04, ivarhcp4ever said:


  2. GoodIdeaAdia avatar

    On May 01, GoodIdeaAdia said:

    i'm not a huge slipknot fan but i agree, they put on an excellent live show!

  3. Memo-PaPaRoAcHero avatar
  4. Camilla Salomão avatar

    On Mar 09, Camilla Salomão said:

    Yea, a Hives concert must be really nice, I can only imagine *dream*. (:

  5. sugarbb avatar

    On Feb 05, sugarbb said:

    Yeah, but Papa Roach is THE BEST Evvvah!!!! Come back to the US as soon as you finish touring in Canada!!! PLEEEEEEEEEZE

  6. Iris_Raven avatar

    On Jan 26, Iris_Raven said:

    What happened with Seether and Shinedown? :(

  7. mateo avatar

    On Jan 21, mateo said:


  8. Jigzaww13 avatar

    On Jan 20, Jigzaww13 said:

    All those bands are good except slipknot haha.. im not much for slipknot sorry...

  9. DrRockzo avatar

    On Jan 15, DrRockzo said:

    F*@king Slipknot is so awesome live. Will the Beatsteaks ever come over to the US???

  10. speike avatar

    On Jan 15, speike said:

    beatsteaks?! good choice! have seen then once and going too see them at rock am ring again with other bands like system of a down, korn and coldplay :)

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