Top 5 Fridays!

This week’s Top 5 Friday comes the band’s resident car freak, check it out:

  1. roachman98 avatar

    On May 19, roachman98 said:

    nice cars

  2. Reckless1988 avatar

    On Apr 16, Reckless1988 said:

    GT 40 would be my pick of the bunch....

  3. RockerGirl With GoldenEyes ;) SVK avatar

    :) nice :) ... My dream car is the Shelby GT 500 Eleanor :)

  4. FELINA avatar

    On Feb 15, FELINA said:

    OK. A VER.... :P

  5. felipejacoby avatar

    On Feb 10, felipejacoby said:

    aww,i like it!

  6. Mike95 avatar

    On Feb 09, Mike95 said:

    Dude, love the '64 Ford GT 40. nice pick

  7. kidgreen avatar

    On Feb 09, kidgreen said:

    Way to rock it old school! I love it!!!

  8. elvis_van_eeghem avatar

    On Feb 08, elvis_van_eeghem said:

    i like more camaro ^^

  9. b med avatar

    On Feb 05, b med said:

    Jerry What happened to the Viper. But great choices

  10. Race Rider avatar

    On Feb 05, Race Rider said:

    Aston Martin... now that is a car... they only make these custom for the owner.. am I correct about that?? .. . , I do like driving my restored 55 chevy... I'm also a car freak.. :-x... however, my other ride is a race horse :-x... and then I have a Mini Cooper... love that car...

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