WORLD PREMIERE of the "No Matter What" music video

Watch the full video HERE!

  1. Ladyshaddix avatar

    On Jul 03, Ladyshaddix said:

    I guess this video could now be classed as 'old' but it still gets me everytime!! I love the video and the song soooooo fuckin much!!! The best rock ballad EVER written!! Oh and Jacoby, I still love you!!! XX

  2. elisabethxlauren avatar

    On Jul 28, elisabethxlauren said:

    I still watch this video everyday! Love it! (:

  3. xBjoxLovex avatar

    On Jun 28, xBjoxLovex said:

    They have the video at

  4. ZIPLAG avatar

    On Jun 20, ZIPLAG said:

    WTF??? Funny video but you guys forgot to kiss each other in the end. Stay clean and sober guys, it was good to see you in the video since you spend all your fuckin time in Europe. Cougars in NC need you guys back here. I was bored out of my mind at Carolina Rebellion without you....haha...even though some bands were sweet. I sing No Matter What to my son as it's just us two. Please come back to the US...we need you here.

  5. zzajeckicajecc avatar

    On Jun 14, zzajeckicajecc said:

    If U wanna help us to bring PRoach back to Woodstock Festival in Poland, which is totally free for everyone, give them your vote here: give your email, and then click 'g?osuj', after that confirm your email, by clicking the link that you'll get by email :) HELP PAPA ROACH WIN THE PRIZE!

  6. PaperMonster avatar

    On Jun 09, PaperMonster said:

    no matter what i love you guys... you rock and if you don't come in bulgaria soon i'll have to drag you here...the song is... WOW!!!

  7. prfan348 avatar

    On Jun 08, prfan348 said:

    When I saw the Video,I just thought... If I was there, they could take me as a hostage, so the police wouldnt shoot them and they would get out of it....alive! For real!

  8. [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] avatar

    On Jun 08, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    This was worth the wait! I love the video and this is one of my favorite songs! I can't believe I actually saw these amazing guys in concert! Love you, Papa Roach!

  9. Demonic_Angel247 avatar

    On Jun 07, Demonic_Angel247 said:

    I love this music video.

    God. I have no words to describe how good it was.

  10. PaPa_RoAcH_RoX05 avatar

    On Jun 07, PaPa_RoAcH_RoX05 said:

    Do I sense a little "Reservoir Dogs" nostalgia? That's what this reminds me of. Epic movie, epic video.

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