The Rock Allegiance Tour is Here!

Come check us out on the Rock Allegiance tour. We will be co-headlining with Buckcherry and with some great support from underneath, Puddle of Mudd, POD, Red, Crossfade and Drive A

Click HERE to check out all the dates. Hope to see you all on the road!

  1. Hardcore_s'mores avatar

    On Jul 25, Hardcore_s'mores said:

    Planning on going to the one in columbus cant wait

  2. Merta avatar

    On Jul 11, Merta said:

    CANT WAIT FOR THESE DUDES TO COME BACK TO TEXAS!!!! I'LL BE AT WEENIE ROAST IN AUGUST FO SHO!!!!! ROCKING MY FACE OFF!!!!!!...on the lawn...=( wish i could afford to get pit passes..... & last time i tried sneaking closer, but that gate B!, yah -it didn't work..squares..but whatever cuz

  3. reem avatar

    On Jul 09, reem said:

    plz come to u.a.e

  4. Rafaela92 avatar

    On Jul 04, Rafaela92 said:

    Please come to SP, Brazil!!
    Or to Paulinia on SWU.. but come please *-*?

  5. Veronica Milagros avatar

    On Jul 01, Veronica Milagros said:

    K, one more time.
    (It's not like they read any comments, so...)
    :) Please n' thank you.

  6. Sierra Thomas101 avatar

    On Jun 30, Sierra Thomas101 said:

    PAP ROACH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sierra Thomas101 avatar

    On Jun 30, Sierra Thomas101 said:

    papa roach is my fave band

  8. Sierra Thomas101 avatar
  9. Sierra Thomas101 avatar

    On Jun 30, Sierra Thomas101 said:

    please come to new orleans

  10. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Jun 29, ivarhcp4ever said:

    You're coming to almost all of the European countries,but you won't come to Serbia,Croatia,Macedonia or Bosnia :/

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