Crüe Fest 2008 Screenings

  1. Peki38 avatar

    On Mar 17, Peki38 said:

    I think that crowd on P ROACH's performance was pathetic on CREW FEST.

  2. marc89 avatar

    On Mar 15, marc89 said:

    It would be cool to check out the show in the theaters but I'm going to be in Phoenix the day it shows and I don't know if I will have time to go watch it. I will wait for the dvd to come out on the 24th and kill to birds with one stone. Get the Crue Fest dvd and the new Papa Roach cd.

  3. April avatar

    On Mar 13, April said:

    I see 2 NC dates, but I probably won't make the drive for it. Pretty cool though! I'll be happy to get the DVD!

  4. April avatar

    On Mar 13, April said:

    I saw 2 dates for NC, but I'm not going to drive that far to see it. I can wait until the DVD comes out. Although it would be exceedingly cool to go and see it.

  5. &,Rayelle ; I LOVE PAPA ROACH !!11 YEARS !. avatar

    Random question : "Does this mean it is coming out on dvd ? .

  6. jazzyfischer avatar

    On Mar 13, jazzyfischer said:

    I wish I lived in America, you don't know how lucky you are! I wish Papa Roach would come to Australia

  7. Teresa avatar

    On Mar 12, Teresa said:

    SOOO can't wait. The closest date is 4 hours away but it will be worth it!!

  8. yasumi13 avatar

    On Mar 11, yasumi13 said:

    its gonna b like hours away from me. too bad :(

  9. I ♥ PRoach avatar

    On Mar 11, I ♥ PRoach said:

    omg i cannot wait

  10. kllykenz avatar

    On Mar 11, kllykenz said:

    I'm is nowhere close to livin in hickville!

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