Metamorphosis in stores NOW!

  1. red25sox33 avatar

    On Aug 07, red25sox33 said:

    great album

  2. PapaRoachObsessed avatar

    On Apr 06, PapaRoachObsessed said:

    There must be something you can do to make it up to all of the people who had to wait.

  3. PapaRoachObsessed avatar

    On Apr 06, PapaRoachObsessed said:

    I just got mine. THAT WAS RIDICULOUS! On the package it said it was shipped on the 25th? Wasn't it supposed to be shipped by the seventeenth? That's definitely what it said on the website. The album is great but I didn't appreciate the wait.

  4. Vicky avatar

    On Mar 28, Vicky said:

    The new cd its the bestes evr! I just got it yesterday and blasted it in my car it was awsum, you guys did amazing as always i love you!
    !PaPa RoAcH 4 LiFe!

  5. theQB avatar

    On Mar 27, theQB said:

    Awesome album! Bought it about half an hour after it came out.

  6. cherrybomber16 avatar

    On Mar 27, cherrybomber16 said:

    I received mine in the mail today with an autograph poster. Awesome cd and awesome poster!

  7. sportsfreak2034 avatar

    On Mar 27, sportsfreak2034 said:

    u never disapoint :D
    i go crazy over every song!!
    other then the 2 favs amoung the fans (hollywood whore and lifeline),
    nights of love, state of emergency, and i almost told u i loved you have to be the best songs on the album...oh who i kidding the whole album KICKS ASS :D

  8. $t@r 80 avatar

    On Mar 27, $t@r 80 said:

    I'm still waiting for mine 2!! But i show a download on my page. But can't download it and its pissing me off!!!!!!! Dam it!! somebody F***n HeLp!!!

  9. Starr avatar

    On Mar 27, Starr said:

    I finally got mine today! That was bullshit, wasted all that $ in s&h when I coulda just went & got it on its release date!!! It was also my daughter's birthday on the 24th & was supposed to be a surprise! That was ruined! Ground Control shouldn't blame it on the delivery service! What, EVERYONE around the world just happened to have slow mailmen? WTF EVER!! Ground control shouldv'e made sure ALL of our packages were sent by UPS & with a tracking #! That means a "SIGNATURE" to receive your package!! Ground Control couldn't afford to do that with that OUTRAGEOUS s& h fee? They shouldv'e been to our houses "1" day before they were available in stores as a privilege to the fans who were "FAN" enough to pre-order cuz we love & support P.Roach that much!! I think as an apology to the DISAPPOINTED fans we should receive an AUTOGRAPHED poster for the inconvenience! I don't think that's asking for much & we would all have better thoughts of Ground Control's endorsing. How did P.Roach feel about all the complaints? I'm sure they wouldn't mind SIGNING some more posters to make it up to the disappointed fans out there who were sad/mad on the 24th, that WEREN'T able to enjoy the new cd we paid for over a month ago? What do you think PAPA ROACH? You love your fans that much, RIGHT? I hope so, please don't let us down :( Thanks for your time! Sincerely, Starr Gonzalez (and mad fan who didn't get their order on time) :)

  10. PapaRoachObsessed avatar

    On Mar 26, PapaRoachObsessed said:

    Still waiting on mine to come i want it so bad! Im so excited for this album!

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