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For a limited time, shop the Papa Roach online store and enjoy a 15% discount on purchases!

*Discounts do not apply to CD's

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    On Dec 07, Rachel Rockstar said:

    I ordered a few things from the store and everything came in today. I got double what I ordered. That's right, 2 of everything I ordered! Merry Christmas to me! The tees I ordered are too big for me though :( Does anyone know if I can send them back and exchange them?

  7. _pezi_shaddix_ avatar

    On Nov 30, _pezi_shaddix_ said:

    why only in US store ?! :O
    i waant it too !!!!
    love u guys

  8. callmeasyouwant avatar

    On Nov 29, callmeasyouwant said:

    ha-ha, Christmas tree toy!

  9. As Far As I Remember avatar

    On Nov 29, As Far As I Remember said:

    I thought the ornament was a parfume! :D

  10. just-die avatar

    On Nov 28, just-die said:

    can'y you guys update the european store? I'd want to get some stuff but like some more choices besides a few t-shirts ^^

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