Want To Win A Pair Of VIPs?

That's right roaches, we're giving you a chance to win 2 free Gold VIP Upgrades!

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  1. dozerose avatar

    On Oct 23, dozerose said:

    When Are you guys coming back to the Seattle/Portland area? You said you would. Please hurry I'm going through withdrawals. And yes I would love VIP tickets.

  2. sandypantsp7 avatar

    On Oct 23, sandypantsp7 said:

    I cant wait for them to come to baltimore ...I need my fix!!!!!

  3. sandypantsp7 avatar

    On Oct 23, sandypantsp7 said:

    i wanna win yea ha

  4. the ryan avatar

    On Oct 20, the ryan said:

    who won the vips in texas

  5. Race Rider avatar

    On Oct 15, Race Rider said:

    already picked up my presale tks for LA today.
    Would love to win the VIP for this event...
    I'm in the boat with those other fans. I never win anything, booo, fffnnn hoooo. Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink :-) would be cool to win .
    love you guys!!

  6. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Oct 13, Hybrid911 said:

    enter, it's worth it x

  7. prareamazing avatar
  8. kornfreak1 avatar

    On Oct 08, kornfreak1 said:

    when are they announcing the winners?? has anybody won the VIP to Manchester yet??

  9. Jo Jo avatar

    On Oct 05, Jo Jo said:

    Will you be giving away tickets or VIP upgrades to your concert in Indianapolis on Oct. 30? I saw you guys in Indy this summer with Nickelback. You guys ROCKED the house!! I'd love to meet you on Oct. 30th in Indy!! pick me! pick me! pick me!

  10. xsamb20x avatar

    On Sep 30, xsamb20x said:

    would love to win these tickets goin to see them in october in london but i never fucking win anything but hay would be really nice !!!

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