Vip Check-In Times

The VIP check-in time for all shows will be 2:30pm unless stated otherwise. A photo ID will be needed in order to pick up your passes.

Also, Please keep in mind that the Gold VIP Packages DO NOT come with a concert ticket, You will need to purchase the ticket separately. 

Platinum VIP Packages did come with a concert ticket.  You will need to pick your ticket up from the venue box office.


  1. paparoachgirl avatar

    On Oct 19, paparoachgirl said:

    does US VIP have to be there by 2:30 also??

  2. TheHollyWoodWhore avatar

    On Oct 13, TheHollyWoodWhore said:

    Do you HAVE to be there for two thirty, im still in school, yet bought a VIP ticket, need to know by tomorrow...

  3. Bry avatar

    On Oct 11, Bry said:

    im assuming this is for the U.S. dates as well??

  4. Tootle avatar

    On Oct 08, Tootle said:

    Four more days then here I come P Roach at Newcastle Academy :D ....... nervous as hell at meeting Jacoby ;) Gotta love a VIP pass ;)

  5. Vodkamonster avatar

    On Oct 07, Vodkamonster said:

    Yes, Saturday is so close! Maybe see some of you there. :-)

  6. sjcrows avatar

    On Oct 07, sjcrows said:

    really looking forward to the newcastle gig gonna be so amazing

  7. JaxStephenson avatar

    On Oct 06, JaxStephenson said:

    if you can i have them? :D

  8. Tootle avatar

    On Oct 06, Tootle said:

    I hope I don't win as I've just bought 3 VIP tix for Newcastle Academy, Oct 13!!!!!!

    If I DO win, I'll let you all know & the 1st to message me can have them :)

  9. DeniseL82 avatar

    On Oct 03, DeniseL82 said:

    Off to Stuttgart... :)

  10. DeniseL82 avatar

    On Oct 02, DeniseL82 said:

    Uuuuhhhh, no answer yet. Has anyone got a mail, that he/she has won VIPs for Stuttgart?

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