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We have been dealing with some spotty internet out here on the road and it has been making it extremely difficult to upload the soundcheck photos. We appreciate everyones patience during this time and will have them up asap.

UPDATE - You can check out the VIP event photos here.  More being added daily.

  1. Vodkamonster avatar

    On Oct 19, Vodkamonster said:

    cant wait any longer where r the pictures from 10th october london gig VIP and sound check ?

  2. faybee avatar

    On Oct 19, faybee said:

    still waiting for london pictures pleeeaassse! it may of been a better idea to let people have the picture on there own camera.....x

  3. gts3107 avatar

    On Oct 19, gts3107 said:

    I hope u wernt referring to me there, I have been nothing but patient I also saw how busy they were it was a very good job they did too. Was annoyed at the lack of update more than anything and I had every right to have a little moan. Sometimes it takes a little moan from a few people to get things moving it seems to have worked. Anyway I don't like coming on here and moaning, justin done a great job in the end the pics are great!

  4. Gone avatar

    On Oct 19, Gone said:

    I don't wanna sound like I am sucking dick here, but so what? I paid too! I also saw how much they were running around. I really have an appreciation of how hard these guys work now. Besides, it doesn't mean you have to be rude about it. You get more bees with honey.

  5. suz1982 avatar

    On Oct 19, suz1982 said:

    Any idea about the Glasgow photos just the Newcastle gig was after the Glasgow gig but the photos for Newcastle are up.

  6. gts3107 avatar

    On Oct 18, gts3107 said:

    Lol seems I spoke too soon Wolverhampton and Newcastle now up, cheers Justin and sorry for having a little moan. Look forward to seeing the rest!

  7. gts3107 avatar

    On Oct 18, gts3107 said:

    Sorry but there's only so long you can be patient with him for we paid for this remember, and it has been a long time and he is always logging onto the site an update isn't too much to ask for because at the moment it just gives the impression he can't be bothered.

  8. Gone avatar

    On Oct 18, Gone said:

    How about you get off Justin's back yeh? I don't think a lot of people appreciate how much work Justin, Kate and the other crew do, and that maybe sometimes things will slip just like with everyone else in life. And you aren't even asking politely.

    I don't think I could have the energy to chase a rock band around for weeks on end, and THEN deal with websites etc, especially when there is flu going around the camp. Hell, I had trouble keepign my energy up for the 3rd gig and I was just watching!

    Justin, Kate et al, you do a great job, keep it up.

    PS: It's pronoucned KE-B-AH-B. Not Kebob :P

  9. DMH avatar

    On Oct 18, DMH said:

    HI Justin, please add the UK SOUNDCHECK PHOTO'S it wasn't fair that you kept use waiting til 4pm at Manchester for the sound check to even start, but now to keep use waiting this long for the photo's and even longer for some of the other guys, so please put ALL the UK photo's up soon...

  10. LauRawr! avatar

    On Oct 18, LauRawr! said:

    Hurry up With the pictures it's been like two weeks now!!!! I'm sure everyone agrees that we wanna see them soon :) thank you x x

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