What's Papa Roach Listening To?

Jan 16 by User 9 Comments

Want to know what we're all listening to? Check out 5 songs we're each listening to on our official Grooveshark playlist.  Go check out our full playlist by clicking HERE

  1. roachkitten avatar

    On Aug 25, roachkitten said:

    roach foreva

  2. Gabriella Tramonte avatar

    On Apr 20, Gabriella Tramonte said:

    Strange Times - The Black Keys, i love this song! ;)

  3. karla-rockers avatar

    On Mar 19, karla-rockers said:

    i love songs

  4. Lucas B avatar

    On Mar 12, Lucas B said:

    Deftones, Yelawolf, Bad Meets Evil... Awesome!

  5. Hitman99 avatar

    On Feb 13, Hitman99 said:

    Would love to see you tour with Bleeker Ridge again. Best show I've seen in a long time!

  6. Melissa Ann avatar

    On Feb 09, Melissa Ann said:

    Nice choice in music...but I think yall should listen to The Letter Black. Trust me they are really awesome; you won't be sorry

  7. Drop Dead Fairy avatar

    On Feb 08, Drop Dead Fairy said:

    What an awesome band that Thrice! I like their songs ( The Weight and Image of The Invisible are my favorites) but I didn't hear anything about them since the last album...

  8. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Feb 02, ivarhcp4ever said:

    awesome :D I love al of those songs :D excellent music taste :)

  9. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Jan 22, MissRoach4Ever said:

    Awesome music!!! nice taste ...

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