Want To Win A Pair Of VIPs?

Oct 22 by matt 5 Comments

That's right roaches, we're giving you a chance to win 2 free VIP Upgrades!

Click here for more information!

  1. CandyFrost avatar

    On Nov 03, CandyFrost said:

    Nevermind just got one!!!!

  2. CandyFrost avatar

    On Oct 28, CandyFrost said:

    Are you going to be doing vip for the Bank of Kentucky center on Dec 5th? Already bought my ticket just want to buy the vip to go with it!!!

  3. LOVEjacobySHADDIX avatar

    On Oct 24, LOVEjacobySHADDIX said:

    are you going to washinton or oregan??

  4. sakura7835 avatar

    On Oct 23, sakura7835 said:

    r u goin 2 have any vip tickets 4 massachusetts or boston ??

  5. the ryan avatar

    On Oct 23, the ryan said:

    who won the one for texas

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