Fuse Best Of 2009

  1. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 17, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    i voted 1000 times a day

  2. Tammie avatar

    On Nov 10, Tammie said:

    I think I am getting carpal tunnel because I voted so many times.

  3. KeNNy avatar

    On Nov 10, KeNNy said:

    still voting :) arm seriously starts to hurt x)

  4. Peki38 avatar

    On Nov 10, Peki38 said:

    Who the fuck vote for Shinedown???????This sucks.........C'mon people vote we are only 3000 votes behind!!!!!!!!

  5. Isdp avatar

    On Nov 09, Isdp said:

    VOTEEEEEE ... !!!

  6. Ciddykitty avatar

    On Nov 09, Ciddykitty said:

    alright...there was 300......400 2 go.......everyone keep voting....we have come up alot since this am........but still vote and vote again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Evil Shell avatar

    On Nov 09, Evil Shell said:

    Voted: PAPA ROACH BABY!!!!!!

  8. CobyIsTheBest avatar

    On Nov 09, CobyIsTheBest said:

    I voted ....:D Papa Roach forever.....P.Roach rulezzz...

  9. Ciddykitty avatar

    On Nov 09, Ciddykitty said:

    will be back....benedryl is working......feeling a little sleepy and

  10. Ciddykitty avatar

    On Nov 09, Ciddykitty said:

    300 down 700 to go

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