Are you going to be at the upcoming Youngstown show? If so print this (CLICK HERE) out and pass it out at the show!

  1. gtrmechanic avatar

    On Nov 09, gtrmechanic said:

    Hi!!! My name is Bill, and I was the FOH engineer for the opening act 'RELIC' at the Youngstown, Ohio show... I just wanted to say THANK YOU to your crew and especially Andy for giving me a hand. It was a pleasure working with your guys and we'd love to do it again sometime..

  2. wantubaby avatar

    On Nov 05, wantubaby said:

    PapaRoach, Hi my name is Jesse and really like u bands music and just want to say never stop rocking and keeping that shit fresh!!!!! I really think u guys
    should put on a show in my hometown south bend, indiana we love u motherfucks, u guys are great, We know how to rock around where i live. About VIP the would be a dream to get that shit HOOK IT THE FUCK UP please I've been wanted to see u in forever I'm 21 now and hott too! Im one of ur biggest fans u have no idea! And going tho a fuck up time with the end of my marriage. 6yrs is over in my life> hit me up give me a holla

  3. n2thevoid avatar

    On Nov 05, n2thevoid said:

    That's gonna be a GREAT show!! Halestorm are an AWESOME Live band!

    I wish i could make the 6 hour trip to see this show!!

  4. wastedyouth avatar

    On Nov 05, wastedyouth said:

    come to pittsburgh, pa

  5. bambam6661 avatar

    On Nov 04, bambam6661 said:

    wow way jealous, halestorm does an awesome job live and is a really good choice to open for papa roach. whoever goes to that concert is gonna have one fuckin good time

  6. Love*Hate*Tragedy avatar

    On Nov 04, Love*Hate*Tragedy said:

    I just bought my tickets!

  7. XRockQueenX avatar

    On Nov 04, XRockQueenX said:

    come down to cornwall and make the place rock your go down a storm your alsome love beth

  8. Bry avatar

    On Nov 04, Bry said:

    me too

  9. yOyO Suicide avatar

    On Nov 04, yOyO Suicide said:

    will do :)

  10. M-Neff avatar

    On Nov 04, M-Neff said:

    lol that might be a bit much, unless they are very generous friends

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