Philadelphia & New York Tickets

Unfortunately there was a problem shipping tickets for these shows, they have been switched to "Will Call" at the box office to pick up your tickets the day of the show, you will need to show your photo ID that matches the BILLING information from the puchase. If there is an issue with the billing name being the pickup name or you have questions please call 1-877-GND-CTRL.

  1. sammygirl avatar

    On Nov 18, sammygirl said:

    Hey Gregg...Thats right its the black girl you love to hate lol Just wondering where the VIP pics are from the NY show???

    Hope all is well. Hit me up and let me know.


    -Samantha :)


    On Nov 11, KEVIN FROM NEWJERSEY said:

    see you tonight

  3. TheresaPR avatar

    On Nov 11, TheresaPR said:

    can't wait for tonight :)

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