Papa Roach VIPs

A limited amount of VIPs have been made available for a large majority of the upcoming shows Papa Roach shows.  

CLICK HERE to check what shows will be having the pre-show event.

Please note the VIP check-in time that is posted on the event you wish to attend.

  1. trish_the_dish avatar

    On Feb 07, trish_the_dish said:

    what the hell, did anyone get thier photo with the VIP meet and greet, I've tried everything, this photo is priceless to my 14 year old daughter, is there anyone out there?
    Papa Roach seemed to love their fans when they met them, they were super cool. but why no follow up with getting the valuable photo's.

  2. carylsixx avatar

    On Jan 07, carylsixx said:

    Has anyone gotten their VIP Poster yet? Who and how to we contact someone about this?

  3. momsterroach69 avatar

    On Jan 03, momsterroach69 said:

    bought 2 vip passes for the cedar rapids show.....they were for myself and my daughter (part of her xmas gift) she was the first to get picture taken, I was the second. My picture never showed up, we didn't get to do any pre-show sale of merchandise, we couldn't get into the show before the general public like we were told we would be able to.

    NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO CONTACT ME BACK AS TO WHY...I THINK IT'S BULL CRAP. the ground control or whatever said that the issue was solved picture up on site therefoe in my opinion problem not solved.

    anyone else get ripped off or dispappointed? I am extremely disappointed, it was to be a great memory for my daughter and me and there is no picture and since we could not take pictures during the meet and greet ourselves i NOW HAVE NOTHING.


  4. PaPaROACHFaNz avatar

    On Jan 02, PaPaROACHFaNz said:

    You guys have to come to philly next tour

  5. 1paparoachgrl avatar

    On Dec 28, 1paparoachgrl said:

    Anyone know why all the other VIP pics are on here except the one's from Poplar Bluff???!!!!!!

  6. guitafucka avatar

    On Dec 24, guitafucka said:

    je ve une place a ouai grave !!! viva la cucarachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
    voici l'adresse de notre groupe

  7. J.R. Williams avatar

    On Dec 17, J.R. Williams said:

    Did VIP in Rockford it was worth every penny. I was so star struck I didnt know how to act. Will do it again for sure. Cant wait for the next visit to ChiTown or N/W Indiana. You guys really were very cool to hang with. KEEP IT GOIN PAPA FU@#IN ROACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tstar avatar

    On Dec 08, tstar said:

    Hey whats up w/the pics from the Erie PA show????

  9. Sophie Poole avatar

    On Dec 05, Sophie Poole said:

    I went to the VIP at Rock city on the 7th of october and haven't yet gotten my signed poster. Does anyone know what I can do about it?

  10. n1papafan avatar

    On Dec 04, n1papafan said:

    oh yes contact info would help Anthony stazer 814-746-0509 someone anyone? Is there a phone number or can I pay at the venue

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