Tweet for Papa Roach!

Listen to the new Papa Roach single "Had Enough" then log into Twitter and tweet "Hey @PapaRoach I've #hadenough of...." then write about whatever is bothering you in the world!

  1. Rainbow avatar

    On Jan 18, Rainbow said:

    great song

  2. no hero avatar

    On Jan 14, no hero said:

    hey Papa Roach you Three Days Grace Disturbed and Trapt need to go on tour together i think that would be a great combo if you decide to you have to play in Tennessee write me back and tell me what you guys think. Thanks; Isaac/ No Hero

  3. shershockley avatar

    On Jan 02, shershockley said:

    absolutely love this song....

  4. Jane1986 avatar

    On Jan 02, Jane1986 said:

    Hey! i liked so much this song! congratulations!

  5. 5AINT-oF-pAp@-R0AcH avatar

    On Dec 25, 5AINT-oF-pAp@-R0AcH said:

    "Had Enough" explains all of the world Thanks for the song Papa Roach!
    I Love it!! We had enough!!!
    I had Enough with all of ppl talkin' their they know wats up!!

  6. PapaRoachBabe1494 avatar

    On Dec 22, PapaRoachBabe1494 said:

    I love this song so much. I have had enough of drama. War. And people who think they can walk all over me and take advantage of me.

  7. bz3491 avatar

    On Dec 18, bz3491 said:

    i have had enough of bands like Papa Roach not gettin the attention and respect they deserve and ppl judging the music before they hear it...I have had enough of the whole war situation I have family over getting shot at and worry weather they will come home or not..and finally I have had enough of a certain person in my life that makes everyday a miserable living hell

  8. Sometimes avatar

    On Dec 17, Sometimes said:

    i love that song

  9. enslaver127 avatar

    On Dec 16, enslaver127 said:

    ya my car was robed about a month ago!!! and they stol all my cd's!

  10. PAPA R0ACH #1 ROCK avatar

    On Dec 15, PAPA R0ACH #1 ROCK said:

    I just listened to this song, had enough and it is awesome

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