1. Jmapenguin avatar

    On Jul 09, Jmapenguin said:

    I knew that was you!!! Rock on!! Awesome movie, better soundtrack!

  2. Marpsy avatar

    On Jun 27, Marpsy said:

    Great movie great song how come while it's on the soundtrack it's not actually in the movie. LAAAAAAAAAAAME sauce

  3. PattiyBritto avatar

    On Jun 12, PattiyBritto said:

    it's fucking great!!! OMG! *0*

  4. devel avatar

    On May 12, devel said:

    heyyy, u guys get more xtreme wen u come out with new lyrics...keep on rockin'
    ~papa roach fan

  5. chrisy939 avatar

    On Apr 17, chrisy939 said:

    Can't wait for the avengers movie to come out it has awesome actors in it and music it is the best movie all round o and love the new song it is amazing

  6. Drop Dead Fairy avatar

    On Apr 17, Drop Dead Fairy said:

    If it's on the movie, that means that I'll heard it in 8 days! C'mon C'mon C'mon!!!!!

  7. Bren3721 avatar

    On Apr 16, Bren3721 said:

    Sweet!!! Can't wait.

  8. VIProach avatar

    On Apr 16, VIProach said:


  9. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On Apr 16, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    Have heard it and WOW it's fucking great!!!

  10. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Apr 15, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Thats so awesome! :D
    This has made me very happy :3

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