Tweet To Unlock Papa Roach's "Even If I Could"

Today you can unlock a 60 second preview of Papa Roach's track "Even If I Could"! All you have to do is visit and follow the instructions!  Papa Roach is excited to be involved, and looking forward to letting you fans in on what we've been working on.  

  1. Serafim avatar

    On Jun 15, Serafim said:

    Thats great, very good, i cant wait !!!

  2. Guitarman avatar

    On May 03, Guitarman said:

    It's freakin awesome the guitar solo at 0:10 was awesome

  3. maxteste002 avatar

    On May 02, maxteste002 said:

    Cant wait!

  4. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Apr 30, Littel Dirty Girl said:


  5. PRloverx3 avatar

    On Apr 29, PRloverx3 said:

    This song is amazing, just like every other song they did!!! I just want them to hurry up with their album so they can tour again. I'm having Papa Roach withdrawals...

  6. Phillipr34 avatar

    On Apr 26, Phillipr34 said:

    I love that song already. Instant papa Roach classic in my book. Cannot wait for their new album. They're calling it the album of their career so you know it will be amazing. I'm going to get it right when it comes out.

  7. scream-shaddix avatar

    On Apr 26, scream-shaddix said:

    awesome song!!!

  8. scream-shaddix avatar

    On Apr 26, scream-shaddix said:

    awesome song!!!

  9. PapaNash avatar

    On Apr 24, PapaNash said:

    my favorite band, on one of my favorites movies :3

  10. IntoTheRiot avatar

    On Apr 24, IntoTheRiot said:

    Already listened to this song on youtube, too. It's freaking amazing! It just makes it harder to wait for the new album! Haha.

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