Knock 'Em Dead, Kid

What's up Ya'll!

We wanted to show some love to our good buddy Nikki Sixx. He taking over Radio with his new show Sixx Sense.  It's only been on the air for about a week, pretty entertaining and as you all know, he has been a huge influence on rock music, so spread the good word!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up, support the cause ROCK N ROLL FOREVER MUTHA FUCKAS!

- The Guys

  1. ROCK_GOD666 avatar

    On Apr 02, ROCK_GOD666 said:

    I KOVE IT. IT IS freaking awesome period!

  2. Sixxsangel avatar

    On Apr 01, Sixxsangel said:

    NIKKI!!!!!!!!!! my baby
    ahh sixx sense the best you know.
    Good Post Good Post.(:

  3. deann_marshall avatar

    On Mar 26, deann_marshall said:

    Nikki Sixx is tha shit! HIs book was awesome..HE is freaking awesome period.

  4. Alainn´s Rooach avatar

    On Mar 15, Alainn´s Rooach said:


  5. ~*Lovia*~ avatar

    On Mar 08, ~*Lovia*~ said:

    I listened to it the other night and it was so cool! and on top of that Jacoby was on it but its so cool go listen to it!

  6. Elliott manuel193 avatar

    On Mar 06, Elliott manuel193 said:

  7. C-Roach avatar

    On Mar 04, C-Roach said:

    olalalalala...that was so nice!

  8. PRdomeGER avatar

    On Mar 04, PRdomeGER said:


  9. none at the moment avatar

    On Feb 25, none at the moment said:

    alright! nikki sixx!:D

  10. .:.Brandy.:. avatar

    On Feb 24, .:.Brandy.:. said:


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