1. pamela martin avatar

    On May 31, pamela martin said:

    So I've been a hard core rocker all my life and first saw Papa Roach perform at Freakers Ball in 2010. Their performance was incredible. Jacoby has a way of connecting with the crowd to make them feel like their sharing the experience with him and the rest of the crew. I know this is a longshot, but i have to try. I, too, have had battles with addiction and it took me going back to prison four times before I finally decided to stay clean. While incarcerated, my daughter was stuck with her dad and she was mistreated in so many ways its unimaginable. When I was released, my daughter came running home to me and is now in love with Papa Roach. I would love to make her dreams come true by meeting you and the band. She believes in your music and her dream is to actually sit and talk with Jacoby. I realize this is probably a long shot; but its worth trying anyway.

  2. *Love~or~Die~Trying* avatar

    On May 25, *Love~or~Die~Trying* said:

    Oooh we will so be there!

  3. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On May 17, Shaddix.Babe said:

    This looks great! I wanna go so bad!

  4. dianam avatar

    On May 10, dianam said:

    Cant wait

  5. shannonmarie avatar

    On May 07, shannonmarie said:


  6. teresa-vampy avatar

    On May 07, teresa-vampy said:

    sweet cant wait but redlight king needs to be on the main stage with shinedown n paparoach hell yea

  7. CupcakeVmpr avatar

    On May 05, CupcakeVmpr said:

    I am so stoked! I literally screamed.

  8. ROACH666 avatar

    On May 05, ROACH666 said:


  9. M-Neff avatar

    On May 05, M-Neff said:

    Please say that Cleveland will be one of the stops!

  10. Kyle_

    On May 04, Kyle_"PAPA ROACH"_Agar said:

    i cant wait to go, im so excited!!!

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