Papa Roach VIP Packages Are Now Available!!!

Papa Roach is offering VIP packages for select dates on their upcoming tour!!  To find out what dates VIP's are available for and to purchase VIP packages please go to

  1. weberle1971 avatar

    On Jul 18, weberle1971 said:

    VIP for Cincinnati, Ohio was Great. Can someone upload the pictures. Tabs are there under media. No photos are showing. Can someone check to see if somethings wrong. Thanks

  2. shelbi avatar

    On Jul 14, shelbi said:

    Are there going to be VIP packages available for the September 16 concert? please let me know!!!

  3. heatherblondell avatar

    On Jun 13, heatherblondell said:

    No VIP for Ridgefield WA Rockfest??? awwww I want to buy VIP!!!! =)

  4. adobbins05 avatar

    On Jun 07, adobbins05 said:

    Hi i am new to the site. i was looking for an email address to send a letter to the band??? Am i not looking in the right place? please let me know thanks

  5. gateway7 avatar

    On Jun 05, gateway7 said:

    a few friends i have asked about will there be a VIP for West Des Moines, date?

  6. BrunaBrunette avatar

    On Jun 02, BrunaBrunette said:

    I'm wondering why the Little Rock show isn't showing in the tour page, and that we don't get VIP :(

  7. BrunaBrunette avatar

    On Jun 02, BrunaBrunette said:

    darren19822000: In my meet and greet, I got to chat with the guys for a bit. I guess it really depends on how many people bought packages, but don't worry, you'll get to talk to them and stuff. It's not like other meet and greets with other bands where you can't even talk to the band and get only 1 second for a picture.The guys are super amazing and they'll make your experience unforgettable!

  8. JediFoxxxy85 avatar

    On Jun 01, JediFoxxxy85 said:

    VIP is well worth the price and I am so damn excited! Can't wait to see them again! Hope all of my other fellow Papa Roach fans have a blast at their venues too!

  9. Ronda avatar

    On Jun 01, Ronda said:

    May be a little pricey… BUT worth every penny! Love my boys!!!

  10. darren19822000 avatar

    On Jun 01, darren19822000 said:

    how long is the meet and greet? is it like a handshake and quick walk by or does it last a bit. ive never done the vip and dont know what a meet and greet is...this is for the bangor show

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