Papa Roach on Fuse

Catch a half hour block of videos from Papa Roach this week on Fuse’s Loaded:

Saturday 6/27 @ 1:30m ET

  1. Ronnie_Rockstar avatar

    On Jun 28, Ronnie_Rockstar said:

    it will be on FUSE Sat July 4th at 2:00pm eastern. My DVR is already set (again)

  2. Rockferry avatar

    On Jun 27, Rockferry said:

    They ended up not giving it . Because of MIcheal Jackson's death they showed his video collection the whole day.

  3. Ronnie_Rockstar avatar

    On Jun 26, Ronnie_Rockstar said:

    1:00 AM Eastern

  4. shai7xroach avatar

    On Jun 22, shai7xroach said:

    i really hope this is pm cuz last time they were on it was am and i didnt get to watch it and i was mad >:( so it better be pm

  5. Courtney avatar

    On Jun 21, Courtney said:

    Which videos did they show last month? I didn't catch it..

  6. Courtney avatar

    On Jun 21, Courtney said:

    I'm hoping it's PM because I doubt I'll be awake at 1:30am to watch it.

  7. The Shadows Lurker avatar

    On Jun 21, The Shadows Lurker said:

    I think its p.m..... I'll be watching it for sure, and screaming my head off when I see Jacoby lol

  8. Dakota Love avatar

    On Jun 21, Dakota Love said:

    not to sound stupid

  9. Dakota Love avatar

    On Jun 21, Dakota Love said:

    i will whatch it and i will be signing alone with them

  10. XxCucaracha_AddictxX avatar

    On Jun 20, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    i think this is the same episode they showed last month on Loaded....

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