"The Connection" Pre-Order Is Onsale NOW!

Sep 10 by User 14 Comments

You can now pre-order "The Connection" in several different exclusive packages at  

  1. CD Only (You'll find it cheaper here than anywhere on the web)
  2. Gold Package (CD + digital download + exclusive t-shirt)
  3. Titanium Package (CD + digital download + exclusive t-shirt + VIP meet & greet in city of choice)

You won't find these deals anywhere else!  Make sure you get your orders placed today as these items are limited in quantity and WILL sell out!!  

  1. cometobea avatar

    On Sep 29, cometobea said:

    I live in Brazil and because it is very expensive):

  2. Riot_Queen avatar

    On Sep 28, Riot_Queen said:


  3. DarkLOve¬¬ETERNALsOuL avatar

    On Sep 24, DarkLOve¬¬ETERNALsOuL said:

    i want to have it already!!! I pre-ordered the gold package!! :DD

  4. LillySixxx avatar

    On Sep 22, LillySixxx said:

    I wish I could buy it... unfortunately you can buy it only in the US store

  5. KAYLA[story of a broken soul] avatar

    I pre-ordered the gold package and i also pre-ordered the deluxe edition that is signed.. i kinda went over board with the pre-ordering >.

  6. Proach avatar

    On Sep 13, Proach said:

    Damn! Why is it only for US store??

  7. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Sep 11, MissRoach4Ever said:

    Damn i want that so baaad!!!

  8. Krow avatar

    On Sep 11, Krow said:

    Is it just 1 VIP pass per package and when do they expire as they are not any tour dates for the US yet.....

  9. RockMusic4ever avatar

    On Sep 10, RockMusic4ever said:

    the VIP do we choose our choice of city if there are no US cities posted?

  10. Carol. avatar

    On Sep 10, Carol. said:

    I want to pre-order (and I want that shirt), but seeing as how I'm a college student I'm a bit broke. :/

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