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  1. Just a heads up, concert tickets for the Detroit, MI show are now sold out. However, there are still VIP Upgrades available. If you already have your tickets, head over to the event page to get...
  2. After Mark Guerra was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his senior year of High School, he asked Make-A-Wish if he could record his music in a studio with his favorite band, PAPA ROACH...
  3. The guys from Papa Roach recently sat down to discuss why they're looking forward to being out on the road with co-headliner Seether. Read more to check out the video.
  4. The supporting acts for Papa Roach's March UK Tour have been announced. Papa Roach will be joined by Coldrain and The One Hundred. Tickets and VIP Pacakges are still available, so select the...

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01 28 Waterloo, IA
01 30 Houston, TX
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01 31 Dallas, TX
02 2 Wichita, KS

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