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  1. CANADA!! Round 2 is underway... We read all the comments + requests and due to popular demand, we added Medicine Hat to the voting list! Did your city make the first cut? You Demand. We...
  2. ‪#‎Canada‬. Your time has come. You Demand. We’ll Listen. Vote now and help bring 5FDP + Papa Roach to your city! http://demand.paparoach.com/ ‪#‎BestTourEver‬...
  3. Papa Roach ‪#‎FallingApart‬ Live Acoustic version!! Directed by @BrysonRoatch ‪#‎newmusicmonday‬ ‪#‎paparoach‬ ‪#‎acoustic‬
  4. Studio Update

    Apr 15
    Recorded some group vocals last night!! Photo by @brysonroatch

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07 22 Berlin
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