1. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Nov 09, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    lol thanx XD but what do u mean?

  2. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Nov 01, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    thanx! ^^ o i just talk alot lmao XD and some ppl say im spamming i dont think i am...am i? i mean i talk and hold convos with ppl right? ^^

  3. stephanie jane avatar

    On Nov 01, stephanie jane said:

    omg u should there awseome lol

  4. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Nov 01, SEE-ARE-UH said:

    yeah i know! its been waaaaaaaay to long haha oh and no prob. about the b-day thing =]

  5. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Oct 31, papa_roachgrl67 said:


  6. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Oct 27, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    Papa Roach & Mams Taylor "Forgot How To Love" preview check it out in my blog! ^^ [and here's 5pts for bein a kick ass PRoach rioter! ;)]

  7. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Oct 25, SEE-ARE-UH said:


  8. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Oct 15, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    hey! whats up bizzach!!!!! XD

  9. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Oct 14, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    What Is Your Penis Name? check out my blog and comment to find out XD [and here's 5 pts for bein so kick ass! =)]

  10. stephanie jane avatar

    On Oct 14, stephanie jane said:

    yo did u ever hear pencey prep franks old band they kick ass lol

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