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I listen to all genres of music. I fell inlove with Papa Roach and I can't stop listening to them :) They are awesome! their sound is amazing. i love how incorporate rapping with the rock in some of their songs.
i love all their songs that i have heard so far and never said that about a group b4. I'm a very different individual and I love making friends.
I love singing and writing songs and poems. and i love just hanging with friends. im pretty shy and quiet until you get to know me then im crazy as hell :) CAUTION: WHEN YOU ENTER MY WORLD TRY NOT TO GET LOST
* are not cry babies
* do not always wear black
* do not always cut themselves
* can be very nice people
* can be very happy
* are not always depressed
* are people like you
( put this on your profile if you agree)

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