Can't Stand People Who Run There Mouth!

Tue, May 18, 2010 at 1:58 PM By: Rollo_Robin

Wow what a shitty week,went to grab a bite to eat at a local Mcdonald's that I have been eating at for sometime,this employee shot off her mouth and called me a (HoodRat)never even heard of that, it basically means that I am a slut couldnt believe what I was hearing I am 32 and have been with my man for a little over 10 years we have 2 children, this was all because she does'nt like that when I go in there I want my food (let's see not 3 hours old or not raw) u know how it is with fast food, but why should I be treated with such disrespect thats not fair, and not only that the manager did'nt even say sorry to me and she kept her for the night so screwed up!so many people saw the way she treated me and were saying sorry I had just replied and said not your fault I was so pissed off and also embarrassed so many people know us from going there I am just so angry that life is so screwed up and people can run there mouth with no consquences, maybe I'm being a baby Idk but just needed somewhere to vent and figured it was safer to vent with my fellow Roaches let me know what u think anyone.

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    On May 21, Rollo_Robin said:

    Thank you so much for the reply!!

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    On May 21, Kittie Malimoff said:

    Apperantly the bitch who ran her mouth doesnt have any self control or is just an imbecile and it disgraces her when she talks like that to others well dont let people like that get to you because your probably better than that

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    On May 19, Rollo_Robin said:

    oh yeah I called there supervisor and everybody that I could think to call but there like oh we have to investigate the situation, ok fine so I called myself a Hoodrat and making all these calls because its fun what are they nuts?I just want that girl out of there she should'nt be working there shooting her mouth off,so far I am yet to see anything happen,the other person that I spoke with who is a consultant which is to what I understand a moron with no clue how to do her Job said she didnt have enough time to check out the situation and then called me lastnight and basically said it was a bit on both parts hmmm wondering how that is when she is the one who shot off her mouth so screwed up,basically placing blame on me,they are complete idiot's I will never return to that Mcdonalds,thanks for the reply it means a lot to me, sorry so long just so pissed when I didnt do anything and I end up being the one who is treated unfair once again thank you!

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    On May 19, Rollo_Robin said:

    no free burgers after what happen I would be afraid that they would do something to my food So I wouldnt take it if they offered it.thanks for the reply.

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    On May 19, il1989 said:

    I would never go to Mcdonald's again if they treated me like that. did you call their supervisor?

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    On May 18, Monte's Attic said:

    WOW an Employee what the hell. Did you get free burgers

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    On May 18, Rollo_Robin said:

    Thank u so much for your reply,I see your going through some rough times sorry to hear it.

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    On May 18, anndiey said:

    Sounds like she is jealous. I would have definately been upset if that were to happen to me too. Whenever I have a bad day or need someone to talk to I also vent to fellow roaches. It helps me get through the day.

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