Please Say A pray for my Cat!!!!

Fri, May 21, 2010 at 6:10 PM By: Rollo_Robin

Just found out today that my cat who we thought had a U.T.I is sick,the vet doesnt know what it is wrong with her, she is leaving pee pee puddles everywhere she sits that's actually why I though it might be an infection like a U.T.I.thats very common, but the vet said its not he wants her in right away to do blood work hoping that she will be ok, she is like one of my children she is a huge part of my family I dont know what I would do if I lost her , he mentioned something about kidneys & some other things but told me that I need to bring her in right away,of course this is my luck everything finally seems a little back on track & then stuck at square one again, I went to a meet n greet lastnight had a great time and saturday a concert that I got tix for way before this took place, we all know no refunds when u buy tix and I feel so sad I am not sure if I want to attend a concert,my daughter is falling apart she is only 9 and very close with her little sis thats how she thinks of her like a sister its sad to think about because I know its going to be something that cant be saved or cost way too much money which is running low,took all my Jewerly I had &brought it to a local pawnshop so that I could pay 200 to have her seen this is killing me, along with P.Roach music getting me through the rough times my baby who we call Luna baby/Luna princess also has helped me through the hard times when knowone else was there she always was so I only ask that we say a little pray for her, thanks to everyone who took the time to read this it means a lot to me and my little princess!

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    On May 21, Rollo_Robin said:

    thank u so much ,cryed all day hard to deal thank u for reaching out

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    On May 21, Rollo_Robin said:

    thanks for the reply I am trying to distract myself

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    On May 21, ROACH666 said:

    I hope she gets better...

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    On May 21, brokenhome said:

    I hope your cat gets better.

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